Automobile Engine Parts and Engines (Full and Half)


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Automobile Engine Parts

Automobile Engine Parts and Engines (Full and Half)

The engine is a device which purpose is to transform any type of energy into mechanical operation. The engine is the most important part of the apparatus of a vehicle. This element is a source of mechanical energy, which provides the movement of the vehicle.

Types of engines

According to the type of energy conversion:

  • ICE (internal combustion engine). It converts chemical energy of fuel combustion into motion.
  • Motor. It performs conversion of electrical energy into motion. Fuel cells or accumulator batteries are the source of electrical energy.
  • Hybrid system. It is a system that combines the internal combustion engine and an electric motor, and provides their parallel or alternate operation.

According to the structure the internal combustion engines are divided:

  • Gas turbine. The main mechanism of conversion of the energy into motion is a gas turbine.
  • Piston. Thermal energy is converted into motion by means of crank mechanism.
  • Rotary-piston. Rotating of triangular rotor in a cylinder of a special profile converts energy into motion.

According to the fuel type the internal combustion engines are divided into:

  • gasoline;
  • diesel;
  • gas.

According to the way of the fuel mixture preparation the internal combustion engines are distinguished:

  • Carburetor. Combustible mixture is made in the carburetor, which is an element of power system; its aim is to ensure the ideal ratio of air and liquid fuel.
  • Injector. The fuel injection system is supplying fuel through nozzles directly into cylinder or intake manifold.

According to the number and arrangement of the cylinders the internal combustion engines are divided into:

  • Inline. The cylinders are arranged in a row.
  • Opposed. The cylinders are arranged in two rows, the angle between the rows is 180 °.
  • V-shaped. The cylinders are arranged in two rows, the angle between the rows ranges from 45 ° to 120.
  • VR-shaped. The cylinders are arranged staggered in 2 rows. The angle between the rows is 10 ° -20 °. It is a mix of inline and V-shaped cylinders’ arrangement.
  • W-shaped. Cylinders are compactly arranged in 3 or 4 rows.

Basic mechanisms and systems of the internal combustion engine

  • Crank mechanism. Under the influence of gas pressure forces it converts reciprocating motion of the piston into circular motion of the crankshaft.
  • Gas distribution mechanism. Depending on the type of engine its purpose is to ensure the timely supply of the combustible mixture or air into the cylinder, as well as to guide the exhaust gases away.
  • Cooling system. It regulates the temperature of the engine and its components.
  • The lubrication system. It provides a reduction of friction between mechanical parts, details cooling, and also carries out the diversion of wear products.
  • Fuel feed system. It is responsible for the preparation of air-fuel mixture, its supplying to the cylinders and removing of combustion products from the cylinders.
  • Ignition system. The ignition of the fuel mixture in the cylinders is performed by means of electric spark.


The operation of the engine is influenced by such factors as operating conditions, temperature regime, systematic load, fuel quality, oil quality, quality of exhaust system operation, etc. In order to avoid problems, you need to replace oil and fuel filter every 7.5-10 thousand kilometers. Fuel tank cleaning 1-2 times a year will provide better operation of your car. Besides, do not neglect the indexes of timing belt replacement mileage. The timing belt must be replaced every 60,000 kilometers. Attention should be paid to the quality of engine spare parts and fuel quality. The desire to save money at the expense of these elements is simply inappropriate. Basic rules of exploitation have not been canceled: warm up the engine before driving, do not overload engine with unreasonably high turnover, carry out regular technical maintenance. Regular oil level and coolant level control will also save you from many problems with the engine. If there is a turbocharged diesel engine mounted under the hood of your car, you need to remember that it is not recommended to turn off the engine immediately after stopping the vehicle, and that the long-term operation at idle badly affects the power unit.

Signs of engine failure

  • increased oil consumption;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • clearly expressed color of exhaust gases;
  • deposits on the spark plugs;
  • unstable operation of the engine;
  • lowering of engine power;
  • knocks, extraneous sounds and excessive vibration during the engine operation;
  • low oil pressure;
  • overheating.

Causes of engine failure

  • incorrect operation of the fuel feed system;
  • worn-out condition of the connecting rod and crank bearings;
  • deposits on the walls of the combustion chambers;
  • worn-out condition of the valve springs;
  • infringement of tightness of intake system;
  • presence of sediment in the intake system;
  • valve jamming;
  • contamination of the cooling system;
  • worn-out condition of the cylinder liners;
  • incorrect operation of the fuel system;
  • incorrect operation of gas distribution mechanism;
  • worn-out condition of the piston rings and their grooves;
  • low level of compression in the cylinders.

Engine repair

The complexity of the engine construction and its interaction with variety of different systems allows, in case of any problems with the power unit, to repair or replace the necessary parts, not the whole mechanism. But these factors if do not make it impossible, then really complicate the possibility to repair the engine independently. In order to correct the failure, it is necessary to apply to specialized service. Skilled specialists will quickly carry out diagnostics, find out the cause of the problem and repair the item. This concerns both minor problems and engine overhaul. But you should know that the price for the repair of the engine will not be the one you appreciate.

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